Monday, July 2, 2012


 This post is on crafting resolutions for the new edition of 40k

So I have been thinking about this for a while, pretty much the idea started to brew right around when the first GW teaser for 6th edition came out and I thought that I'd present it to you guys as a blog post to give you something to think about.  So the rumors have been flying around and this is the big day that everyone has been waiting for, they finally get to wrap their hands around the tome that is the future of 40k gaming.  But where do we the gamers fit in to the equation?  Is there some way that we can make this edition extra special, better than any of the other editions in some way that we can control?  Aside from changing the rules for the BRB or codexes what is in our power to accomplish?  Thinking about this I came up with the idea of formulating resolutions that I intend to stick to for the entirety of the edition.  The primary factor to creating these resolutions is that they have to in some way expand the community or benefit it in some way.  There are several categories that most of these fall under and I thought I'd give them all to you to think about.

Modeling: This encompasses your actual models and the principle behind it is that you are trying to present the community with the best you have to offer, whether that means you will always play with 75% of your models painted for all of your games, you custom convert your own army for an excellent looking force that could inspire other members of the hobby, or even you could work on collecting the actual models that you really like so you aren't proxying anymore or you grab some Forge World and try playing games with at least two of those models to really give your army that special look that is just awesome.  So anything that involves the hobby portion of your game falls under this category.

Sportsmanship:  All the stuff that might be able to happen while playing on the tabletop that does not necessarily involve the rules.  This could be anything from planning on sharing at least 3 jokes with each of your opponents (which would also require learning some new ones for those people that you play regularly) or trying to have a decent conversation for at least 5 minutes that was not necessarily game related.  Perhaps you don't shake people's hands because it never has really occurred to you, this is your chance to change that (or try to) and your way of trying to allow yourself to be more lenient in games so that everyone has a good time and there is no bad blood between the two of you (its okay, we'll say that your commander has 25% cover).

Gaming:  The rest of the events that have to do with the Tabletop itself.  You might set a goal to only have 3 rules questions each game, to learn a new strategy that you use in your next game, or even to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to play a game.  Most people just try to improve themselves tactically, this is your opportunity to set a numerical goal and use that as a guideline to stick to.

Internet:  Engaging in the online community in some way or another, doing your best to expand on something that you think needs some coverage that other people have not touched.  This could be you starting a blog, podcast, or forum for this purpose, or it could involve you weighing in to discussions in different places and helping as much as you can (just remember to stay calm and don't let your emotions take control or you will lose your voice of reason quality).

I figured that I would also give you guys what I personally decided as my resolutions for 6th edition 40k, one to give you some more examples and also to help keep me honest about the whole thing.  I already started this blog so that gets rid of one category, I'm set on sportsmanship (have only had one bad game myself but not my fault, everyone else I've ever had has had a great time at least from my perspective), so that leaves two categories.  For modeling I am going to play ever game of 6th edition with a fully painted army (this may take a while before I play any real games) and I will write up a full Battle Report in the style I have been discussing on the blog for every 1 of 3 games that I play of 6th edition.  Currently I've designed a 2000 point army for 6th edition and what I have still to paint for it is 5 battlesuits (2 were mostly base coated on Sunday), 3 broadsides, 2 Eldar war-walkers, an aegis defense line with the quad gun, and I have to buy, prime, and paint Eldrad.  This is not going to evolve into a modeling blog, but I will try and keep you informed (this will keep me honest since I update this daily and I do have a sense of obligation towards you guys).  Hope you guys have something new to think about as a result of this blog (I don't know if anyone else has thought of this really, I know that when I talked to Carl at the Independent Characters over the zello channel for the IC's he thought it was a good idea.  By the way, check out the IC's if you haven't, great podcast.  You can talk to them or several other people on Zello, it’s a free program that essentially is walkie talkies that only requires internet and so you can talk with people all over the world for free.  I've chatted with some chaps in England [one from the Overlords, don't ask me which one couldn't identify him by voice], the guys from Life After the Cover Save [an entertaining podcast as well, but they use coarse language eveywhere and rarely actually talk 40k as they get off topic a ton.  Very funny though], and others.  So come and join us if you'd like to have some discussions about 40k or anything at all!]

A second note, sorry about not getting a post to you on Saturday, the entire day slipped away from me what with 6th edition, having work around the house to finish, and my car breaking down literally in the parking lot of the FLGS after I bought 6th, so I will be honest and say that I forgot about the blog.  In any case, this is the post I had intended for Saturday, so expect two more posts after this one, one for Sunday and the other for today.

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