Monday, July 23, 2012

Operation Iron Defense: A peek behind the curtain - Part I of II

And here is the rundown of it whereas before was just the setup

Battle Suits 1 (west-most)
Battle Suits 2 (middle)
Battle Suits Commander secondary (east-most)

Imperium deploy first
Orks deploy second
Tau deploy third
Tau seize first turn
Tau Battle Suits 1 move to see terminators
Tau Battle Suits 2 move from behind ruins to see terminators
Tau rail guns explode Imperium Leman Russ Vanquisher
Tau battle suits Commander secondary explode Ork Looted Wagon
Tau battle suits 1 kill 1 Terminator
Orks zoom towards southern board edge, preparing to turn the corner with Trukks
Orks move on foot
Ork Kannons annihilate 6 of 10 Kroot Carnivores who flee
Imperial forces move closer, over the wreckage in Chimera, rest of troops advance slowly including terminators
Every gun is turned upon Hammerhead, all miss, do not penetrate, or are skewed because of the disruption pods
Tigurius perils from Curse and fails to do anything
Tau Kroot outflank behind Ork shoota boyz
Tau rail guns wreck Trukk (Nobz pile out of front and pass pinning check)
Tau battle suits Commander secondary and fire warriors, using 3 markerlights to guide/reduce cover take down the 3 deff koptas
Tau battlesuits 1 kill 2 terminators
Tau battlesuits 2 explode Chimera, killing 4 veterans and 1 Guardsman of a nearby platoon squad
Tau Kroot assault shoota boyz, pulling them back and clumping them to the rear, killing 3 Boyz and all 10 perishing (stumble!)
Ork Battle Wagon with Supa--Kannon arrives on the field, fires at Fire Warrior Veterans, killing 3
2 Ork Trukks continue to rush the Tau line, one pulling to the south east and Nobz assault Kroot.  Kroot all die
Other Orks in remaining Trukk deploy and run
Kannons fire at piranha, immobilizing it
2 Land speeders deepstrike on the field, a Tactical Marine Squad and the Guard Command Unit arrive from reserve
Imperial forces advance closer to the Tau lines, moving over the two craters and infantry hoofing it. 
Imperial Forces fire everything again at the Hammerhead, taking off its railgun
Tigurius kills himself trying to destroy the Hammerhead
Land speeders fire at a Deff Dread shaking it and Battlesuits 2, killing wounding a normal suit
Ork Kommandos arrive to the midwest and fire at Guardsmen, and then find themselves short of charging distance
Ork Kommandos also arrive to the mideast and head towards Tau lines
Ork Trukk to South East brings a Warboss in hand to hand with Tau Commander secondary, killing all but the Commander
Ork Deff Dread assaults and explodes the Land Speeder
Nobz move towards Tau lines and assault pulse carbine fire warriors in narrow canyon, killing them all and consolidating closer to Tau line
Kannons whiff
Battle Wagon kills 2 from the Imperial Guard Command Squad and an Imperial Guard heavy bolter team
2 Tactical Squads and a Heavy Weapons team arrive from reserve, Tactical squads coming right behind the Kommandos and on top of a nearby ridge, Heavy Weapons team (with 3 lascannons) deploys on the same ridge behind them.
Imperial Forces focus much of fire upon Kommandos in midwest, killing 6 of 10 (Nob lives)
tactical squads just arriving from reserve assault and kill all the remaining ones but 1, taking no casualties in return
Tau pathfinders in a devilfish arrive and outflank into the Imperial lines, tank shocking the heavy weapons team and tactical marines that just arrived on the ridge as well as a unit of guardsmen and another tactical squad.  The two squads on the ridge fail their leadership check and run off the board, the others stand and move out of the way of the rampaging devilfish
Tau kamikaze arrives, deepstrikes near battle wagon and scatters, so shoots and kills a nearby kommando
Tau hammerhead maneuvers and fires at the Terminators and does nothing
Battlesuits 1 and 2 shoot at terminators and kill 2
Railguns fire at Battle Wagon and do nothing, fire at leman russ and do nothing, wreck another Trukk
All Fire warriors fire at approaching nobz moving through a small canyon, causing 5 wounds
4 pathfinders shoot at Storm boyz and kill 1, then assault and kill one more, receiving 2 casualties in return, staying in Close Combat
Warboss finishes off the Tau commander secondary
Imperial fire power turns entirely upon the Tau devilfish and wrecks it, then decimate the 4 pathfinders, and finally stuns the crew of the Hammerhead
Final Kommando is killed
Tau piranha arrives from reserve, is unable to kill anything from squad that just eliminated the pulse carbine Fire Warriors
Tau commander Primary deepstrikes into lava river and shoots up nobz that just killed pulse carbine Fire Warriors along with other Fire Warriors and broadsides, killing all but the Warboss and the painboy
Tau Kamikaze moves towards Battle Wagon, shoots, penetrates, is not blocked by cover, and explodes it (isn't in the radius).
Tau devilfish tankshocks Warboss and gets immobilized by death or glory off the table (destroyed)
Tau railgun kills warboss
Ork forces move towards Tau, Deff Dread moves west around central pillar
Assault fire warriors in central choke point, killing them all to no casualties in return
Warboss moves closer to Tau lines, splitting from pain boy and assaulting the piranha, wrecking it
Stormboyz kill 1 pathfinder for no casualties, pathfinders run away
Other nobz (that assaulted Kroot) move closer to Tau lines towards fire warriors
Warboss assault veteran Fire Warriors and kills all
Kannons kill kamikaze
Deff Dread assaults Command Squad primary and kill them all
Storm boyz move to base of ruin
Pain boy assaults Pathfinder, kills him
Tau railguns kill deff dread, and remaining trukk
battlesuits 2 destroy landspeeder
Battlesuits 1 kill 1 terminator
Fire warriors kill some nobz
Hammerhead tank shocks terminators and IG infantry platoon squad, doing nothing
Imperial shooting explodes the hammerhead, killing one veteran (of two) and one guardsman
Tau - 12
Orks - 12
Imperial - 5

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