Monday, July 23, 2012

Operation Iron Defense: A peek behind the curtain - Part I of II

A peek behind the curtain to see what actually happened on the table of the Battle Report
Sorry about the three day wait for a post, this is what happens when I visit family in other places and much of my schedule is taken up doing things with them.  I'm going to put up three posts in a row today though, so that should make up for it.  In the meantime I think that one of the things that I am going to do from now on is I'll do a series of stuff, then do about a week of story writing.  This could be anything from doing a battle report, just adding some fiction to the universe, or fleshing out an army or some other stuff.  Hopefully it will give you guys something to think about and be entertained by and not just feel like I'm lecturing the entire time.  Plus it will give an example of what I mean with some stuff or provide some inspiration for other creations of your own.  For instance the Battle Report that I just did is by no means perfect.  I think that I did a poor job of actually detailing the battle itself and spent too much on story and character development, but that is what practice is for.  And while I'm at it is there anything you guys think I can do better?  Any tips that you have from your own efforts?  If any of you have tried using my advice could you show me what you did?  Warllama already did that and I posted a link to his blog when I found out and read it.

I'm also going to put out a suggestion for you all to check out a blog called Aleph Sector 40k Campaign.  This has some awesome material that is entirely fiction based, so its telling a story with the battles they do, it’s a very intriguing tale that I have been reading through and am currently through about the first year of material they have done (took about 30 minutes I think for 5 posts).  Its certainly gotten me going on designing a campaign… not like I'll ever get to play it.  A second blog is scorpius GLC's world of wargaming where he is doing awesome stuff for his army in terms of creating some serious story and setting and making it into a campaign and detailed report for people to see on his youtube channel.  Finally I got a mention on Game Over by Don for my work and I'd just like to thank him for mentioning me, glad to know that some of you think that I have some things to say that are worthwhile.  Hopefully I will be able to continue that trend.  Now if only I could reliably post on time each day...

An interesting fact I learned the other day from listening to an episode of the Overlords (currently working my way from the newest to the oldest, now that its summer and I have free time I'm able to listen to about 4 hours of podcasts a day so I have made serious progress on listening to stuff.  Heard all of the Turn 8 podcasts in a week and a half, and caught up on 3 episodes each from several other podcasts that I hadn't had a chance to listen to.  Quite a lot of audio 40k I know, but I've always found that podcasts help time to pass because otherwise I get bored not having my brain be stimulated.  Painting isn't exactly the most intellectual of pursuits after all, its really quite mindless when you suck at it like I do).  In any case they were interviewing Aaron Dembski-boudon (I think that's the spelling but whatever) and they were talking about Abaddon.  You know the guy that I'm talking about.  So what was interesting was how he pronounced it.  I'd always said it as ABBA (the band) dawn (sun in the morning).  He said it as A-bad-dun.  Think a southern hick talking about a spoiled egg, a bad 'un.  That’s going to be a pain to adjust to and make myself say instead of how I used to.

And after all of that stuff I think you guys deserved to see what had happened so you can see how much I didn't tell you and the creative license that I took.  Because that's just how I roll.  So here you go:

Points: 3000 per side
3 teams:  Orks versus Tau versus Space Marines and Imperial Guard.  Free for all (this is why it was so painful that both turned on the Tau and virtually left each other alone.  In the end they each took one killpoint from the other and that was it with the battle wagon firing once at the imperial side and twice at me I think).

Orks were using forgeworld rules though not the models because he doesn't want to spend the money and I agree with him when he should be spending his money on more standard stuff first.

I won't give all the lists entirely, just a basic run down.

Tau:  3 broadside squads, 2 of 2 and 1 of 1.  2 Shas'o commanders with bodyguards armed identically aside from iridium armor on the one that was taken down by the deff dread (stupid Orks having two turns in a row to move since I went first then last I think).  2 squads of 3 battlesuits with plasma and missile pods.  1 kamikaze battlesuit with TL melta and BS 4 (a wargear upgrade for Tau).  Hammerhead with obscured cover when 12" away and shoots like fast, 2 pathfinder squads of 4, 2 kroot squads of 10, 1 6 man fire warrior squad with carbines, 1 6 man fire warrior squad with pulse carbines, 1 10 man fire warrior squad with pulse carbines, an ethereal with 12 veteran fire warriors (BS4).  2 piranhas with melta guns and BS4.

Orks:  3 Trukks, all with nobz (one squad has 4+ sv and 5+ inv. and FNP).  Took 3 warbosses (we were basically ignoring the force org since he was convinced by himself to play on his own and not play with the Imperium since I could have scaled up my list since I have the most stuff of us) with klaws and that’s really all that matters for them. 2 kannons with grots.  Battle wagon with Supa gun or something like that, S8/10 (can't remember) AP3, 72" range (or enough it didn't matter from his corner) and filled with 2 Big Meks and some nobz.  Deff dread with skorcha and close combat weapons.  Looted wagon with boom gun.  3 deff koptas, 5 storm boyz, 10 man squad of kommandos, 5 man squad of kommandos.

Imperium:  Vanquisher leman Russ with heavy bolter sponsons, leman Russ battletank, chimera with multi-laser and flamer sponsons, veterans with 3 melta guns, command squad, platoon squad with 2 meltas or so, 3 infantry squads, 2 with flamers and 1 with grenade launcher (naked but for that one change), specialist squad with meltas, 2 heavy weapon teams with lascannons (for one) and the other has 1 lascannon and two auto I think.  3 scout sentinels with lascannons.  Space Marines had a bunch of tac marines that never did anything but kill kommandos and my suicide pathfinder devilfish and riders (that was the BEST moment of the game.  Tank shocking and taking out two squads that just came on because they were on the board edge was hilarious.  Especially when the ENTIRE army turned and blasted them to death.  But it took their ENTIRE army to kill all of them.  It was GREAT).  Had a squad of 10 shooty terminators with tigurius (the ultramarine librarian in any case.   Killed himself by periling twice after failing to do anything to the hammerhead he was trying to machine curse.  6 psyker powers and did nothing with any of them, rolled 12 twice on the third attempt each turn lol).  2 land speeders with multi-meltas that deep struck.

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