Sunday, July 15, 2012

Operation Iron Defense Introduction

This week I think I'll actually do a post every day with the Battle Report I'm working on.  Read the Intro after the break.
Fire Warrior Team Leader Shas'ui Dal'yth Vyk'tos watched the planet approach through the viewing screens on the passenger scenery deck, alone in the vast room designed to hold several hundred and sparsely decorated, no aesthetic having been added even to the grey walls.  The planet was largely tan and brown, the color of sand, indicative of its desert atmosphere and the lack of flora and fauna, even within the deep canyons or upon the high cliffs.  Of course My'lok's army was being deployed near the northern pole, one of the few volcanic regions on the planet, where reputedly a large contingency of Orks would be found.

Vyk'tos glanced at her briefing pad, idly scrolling through the orders she had already read several times: Cavalac VI was a world destined to rejoin the Tau empire during the Third Expansion Sphere, it was only a matter of time before the Orks realized their defense was hopeless.  Already the Tau forces had been battling for supremacy upon the land, but the massive Ork armies had mostly held the Tau back as more and more Orks began to flock to the planet for the good fight that they felt was brewing.  Of course the Tau had suffered no real losses, but it seemed that they couldn't put a dent in the Orks position.  Whenever the Tau exterminated one group of Orks another would appear in another location.  This is why My'lok's force was being deployed: end the stalemate, provide victory quickly and efficiently.

Vyk'tos looked up from the pad and jumped, having been startled by the sudden appearance of Mart'el.  He noticed her jump and laughed, his brown eyes shining with mirth at her surprise.  Vyk'tos brushed back her black hair, taking it out of her eyes.

"Mart'el, what are you doing on this deck?  Shouldn't you be preparing your squad for deployment?" Vyk'tos asked, her voice playful.
"I would ask you the same thing if I didn't know you had already briefed and readied your own squad.  Mine happens to be completely battle ready.  I bet it took us less time than you, especially considering the lazy shas'ui they have in charge of them" It was clear that the two were long time friends.  Sometimes Vyk'tos wondered if they would become more than that… she pushed such thoughts out of her mind, forcing herself back into the realm of the possible.
"Of course you'd finish before us, there's only four of you and you can strap on your armor so quickly it isn't even funny.  It takes skill and precision to don all of the protective gear that Fire Warriors have, unlike the small pads and chest plate that consists of all of your protection.  Lets switch places and see how fast you are then!"
"I would love to switch places with you, but who would guide the rest of the army with our markerlights?  Certainly not you, you couldn't hit a Greater Gnarloc if it was ten feet from you!"
"I can't believe you are still going on about that Warboss!  Yes your markerlight helped the Railgun to hit him, but I'd already shot his head a second before the Broadside killed him!"
"That's not how I remember it happening"
"Of course not, you were collecting from the rest of your squad from winning your bet that you could snipe him with your markerlight!"
"Now, now, you know that we don't gamble, it isn't for the Greater Good"
"As if that's ever stopped you"
The two looked towards the entrance to the deck where a tall, gray being in robes decorated with numerous glyphs and symbols stood.  The two looked at each other, noticed their proximity to one another and stepped farther apart.
"We are deploying in 5 minutes.  Shouldn't you be with your squadrons?"
The Ethereal spoke softly, his commanding voice filling the room.  Vyk'tos and Mart'el murmured their apologies and bowed their heads.  They quickly headed for the entrance and walked down the hall, watched by the Ethereal for a few seconds before they were behind one of the many bends of the space ship's interior.  They found their teams in the drop ship hangar bay and separated from each other, only giving the other a nod.  This wasn't the first time that they had gone to battle together.

Vyk'tos looked to her squad.  Everyone was geared up and ready for war, their stances demonstrating the aggressive tendencies that came with the battle not seen in peaceful life.  As Vyk'tos worked her mind into that state of war, she too could feel herself being held differently.  Her legs were tensed and ready to run, her legs perfectly balanced.  Her arms were held close to here body but still relaxed enough to swing and aim her pulse rifle that she had already unconsciously drawn from its holster on her back.  As the army boarded the Mantas, Orcas, and other drop ships one thing was on her mind:  the Tau were ready for war.

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  1. Nice! I love the start, very clinical and precise, feels 'Tau' - and then it degenerates into squabbling very smoothly. 'Humanising' isn't the right word, but this does certainly make them seem a lot more three dimensional. Great stuff! Can't wait for more!

    PS: One thing I learned off my blog is that long fluff posts with white-on-black text is hard for the eyes ... I've gone over to black-on-white now but before I normally fiddled with the letter/line spacing on the HTML to spread it out a bit. But no detraction from the great story!