Saturday, June 23, 2012

Special Missions #3

Sorry, ran out of time after playing in a 40k tournament and got home late so was unable to come up with new stuff.  I'm working on creating these in advance so I have a pool of legitimate articles to post when they are needed, but until I am able to do that I will give you another special mission (I only have one other on hand that I can easily access, lets hope I don't miss another again ;-) )

Game Three
Deployment:       Pitched Battle
Set up:                  Seize Ground
Conditions:          Reinforcements?  Every turn starting with round 2 roll for reserves for one unit worth 100 points from your codex, created before the game begins and before you know who your opponent is.  This unit deepstrikes onto the field using the normal deepstrike rules.  The unit can be any type, vehicle, infantry, or otherwise even if it does not normally have the deepstrike rule.  Secret Objectives that list their weight in determining a victor of the game.
Extra Points (again for that battle points system I designed):
  • Only lose 2 units completely (partial losses are permissible) - 1 point
  • Destroy your enemy's reinforcements before it causes 100 victory points of damage to your army - 1 point
  • Destroy 200 victory points or more of your opponent's army with your reinforcements - 2 points

    Secret Objectives:

  1. Kill one enemy unit of at least 5 models or more down to only 1 model and keep it alive. (2 objectives)
  2. Hold at least 2 objectives for 4 consecutive turns (2 objectives)
  3. Have the most victory points in your opponent's deployment zone (1 objective)
  4. Keep your HQ alive the entire game and deliver the killing blow to at least one unit (2 objectives)
  5. Eliminate all of your enemy's Elites/Fast Attack/Heavy Support - must be the most filled section (2 objectives)
  6. Hold at least 2 objectives for 3 consecutive turns (1 objective)

Sorry about not having the story descriptions in here, pressed for time and REALLY want to go to bed.  Hope you guys like it, and I'll be back with Battle Reportification tomorrow!

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