Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holding the Line Play-test Report

I thought that you all would like a report on that mission I created.  Two days after I made it I actually got the chance to play test it (lucky, I know!).  First I'll tell you what I did wrong from what I wrote: Several times I forgot to place the artillery template in my own turn (of course I had the annoying habit of reminding the opposing player about it despite forgetting it on my own turn).  Second I rolled all dangerous terrain as if it was failed on a 1 or a 2 as opposed to just for vehicles.  Third I completely forgot about the roll for troop units becoming tired.

How much of that mattered:
The template probably did not matter much, 2/3 of the time it didn't even hit any model at all.  The dangerous terrain was tremendously affected, it killed my commander's entire unit (Shas'o with 2 Shield Drones plus two body guards.  Yes I play Tau, get over it).  With only two wounds actually coming from enemy shooting.  In total that was 8/10 wounds being caused by simply walking.  Granted I was moving, running, and jetpacking every turn and my dice hated me because I literally only made 2 invulnerable saves and no Feel No Pain rolls, but still that was brutal.  It was however awesome and totally portrayed the feel that I wanted for the No-Man's land.
The troops bit didn't matter, the enemy only had one unit that was deployed on the table left alive, and even then it was only 2 boyz and a nob, so nothing to be worried about.  My fire warriors weren't doing anything with their shooting and they certainly weren't taking any more casualties (except when my own artillery blast scattered onto them… this being on the last turn after I had forgotten about it for 4 turns straight).  By the end of the game almost nothing was left anyways, so this is more of a fun rule that doesn't play too much in effect unless I guess you are throwing troops at powerful units for some reason.
The artillery never really caused any damage, what damage would have been inflicted was generally saved by the 3+ cover save from the fortified trenches.

What I would change:
The scattering of the template: on a hit it only scatters 1d6, not that highest of 3d6 stuff, that was too much still.
Make the dangerous terrain failed on a 1 and 2 for everybody, not just vehicles.  That death everywhere feel was excellent, and completely hilarious in an absurd way when the commander just killed himself and his entire unit by WALKING.  No unit dies just by walking through difficult terrain. Its unheard of.  Until now.  Completely and utterly brilliant.
I'd have to do more testing for the roll mechanic for changing the stats on the troops, but I don't think its game breaking and will be more of a fun thing than anything else.

With all this in mind I plan on giving you all a detailed battle report on what went on, using my own method of story telling in what I hope is done in a way that is not the drab and all too common they moved here and fired with a few words of fluff that don't really convince you that it wasn't just another battle report where nothing is all that different.  But the difference in style and how well it is done is up to you.  Until next time!

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