Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special Mission Head Hunter

I promise tomorrow to go back to the designing a planet series, and sorry that the last mission I put up wasn't completely typed up (I could have sworn that I'd typed up all of the stuff so that it made sense but for some reason small chunks of text were missing that helped explain things.  Think of it as a way to make it your own when you can't understand something).  In any case here's a second one that I had created independently of that thing I was talking about anyways, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of it!

    Deployment:    Dawn of War
    Set up:               Capture and Control (2 objectives)
    Conditions:       Pick 1 non-vehicle model from anywhere in your army; that model has now defected to the enemy side.  After deployment  choose which of your own non-vehicle models from any unit is defecting to the enemy side in the order of deployment (note that units may be below their minimum squad size but that is acceptable).  That model is now taken from where he was deployed and placed in the enemy deployment zone by the opposing player as if deploying an independent character.  This character can join any unit he wishes.  As the game continues roll a die each turn for the defector to relay what he knows to his new side's base.  For turn one it requires a 6+, turn 2 5+, 3 is 4+, 4 is 3+, 5 is 2+, 6 and 7 information is automatically given.  For every turn information is relayed you count as holding one more objective.  Every turn that an objective is held counts as an additional objective being held.  Count how many objectives are held at the end of every player turn for each player and keep track of that number, adding to it each turn based on holding objectives and gaining information from the defector.  When the defector is on an objective add 1 to the die roll.  If the enemy captures your informant from you he counts as gaining 3 objectives that turn and he has the option to take the defector off the board after being captured, as if he was executed.  Killing your opponent's informant gives you 1 extra objective on the turn he is killed.  You have the option of killing your own informant (if for instance it seems like the enemy will capture him on his turn) and no one gains any points then (note you cannot gain any more objective points once he is dead no matter how he dies).  Once the enemy's informant is captured if he is not executed he does not give you extra objective points and he may be recaptured (he counts as joined in the unit that killed his comrades if done in close combat, have to move a model within 2 inches if he is alone before he is captured) and thus begin giving information again.
    Extra Points (these were for a sort of battle points system I designed.  I know some people don't like that method, but get over it, if you want to complain go to some forum like dakka dakka to whine):
    • Having both defectors in your possession for at least one game turn: 2 points
    • Killing both defectors, either through execution or shooting: 1 point
    • Having at least 5 more objective points than your opponent: 1 point

    The defector has the following stats, wargear, and rules:
    Carapace armor (4+ Armour Save)
    Refractor field (5+ Invulnerable Save)
    Shotgun (12" S3 AP-- Assault 2)
    Camo-cloak (stealth and gives stealth to the unit attached to as according to FAQ)

    Special Rules:
    Independent Character
    There he is! - any enemy unit that shoots at the Defector or his unit gains +1 BS when they are within 18" of his model (note it is the specific model and not any model in the unit)
    Stubborn - Entrusted by the commander to deliver this individual with invaluable information his unit will risk their lives to ensure his safety
    Look Out - Arghh! - as the Imperial Guard Bodyguard, whilst any model in the unit the Defector is attached to is alive, each time the up to 2 wounds allocated to the Defector are allocated to other models in the unit instead (following normal wound distribution minus taking wounds away from the defector)

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