Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enter Blog Number 7 Billion and 1

Beginning this blog I think I need to quickly hash out what my niche is among all the blogs out there for 40k and miniature wargaming.  The purpose of this is to write about the universe of 40k and expanding it, sort of how Black Library is doing it.  Advice on how to add story to battles, create a theme for a campaign, create some epic lore just because you love the setting of the 40k universe, all this will be covered.  Maybe I'll throw in some stuff on tactics at random, but mostly this is going to be about increasing the quality of fan-fiction and the lore.  I hope that clears things up and provides some more diversity to the miniature blogosphere, so here goes.

To begin creating something entirely unique from a story perspective, devoid of any sort of maps or factions (as unique as can be in a universe dominated by the Imperium) that have been thoroughly developed by Black Library or other people it is best to start with some questions.  What is the strongest cultural identifier for your story or setting?  Is the focus of your creation the planet; a faction on the planet political, military, religious, or otherwise; the story you wish to create; a small group of characters that you will develop with time and effort?  What makes this so critical is once you decide what is most important to you it becomes easier to spend time on that and really flesh out the details such that your work becomes something to be proud of and doesn't leave a disappointing taste in your mouth.  Before you dive into your project make sure to have a strong understanding of your desires and goals, a roadmap of where you want to take your work.

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