Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Designing a Planet Part 6 - Military Culture

So I'm going to keep this one shorter because I am really freaking tired, its late, and its not like there are actually any people that read this blog.  So moving on:  military culture goes hand in hand with the civilian culture and falls under many of the same categories that you use when creating the civilian culture.  The personalities is more like the common stratagems of generals, a typical day can still really help, the military doctrine that is most strictly adhered to (what style of fighting/discipline/how are things done on your planet military wise?).  What sets this apart from the civilian culture is its effect, the civilian bit is more of a backstory thing that you can refer to for flavor or inspiration.  The military bits are going to have some serious effects upon your setting and how things work, so you are going to want to really put some effort into the detail of this and making sure things match up and are logical.  When the future is only war, you really have to know how your agents in the war are going to act or what their identity is that makes them special upon the battlefield.

For the jungle planet lets say that the poor suckers that fought against the Dark Eldar and then the Eldar got screwed over due to their inability to adapt because of traditional Imperial mantra.  Perhaps this is a very unconventional planet where regiments are given almost complete control over their own actions with some guidance from high command to ensure that the objectives are being taken.  Furthermore the jungle fighting would be a prominent part of their training and no doubt the guardsmen from this planet would be very skilled at navigating in the most hostile and changing environments, able to set up ambushes and avoid/overcome them as well, and close quarters fighting would be a must because of the lack of open areas to even fire a gun more than 20 feet in the jungle.  Think Gaunt's Ghosts except without the snipers and stealth and with much more ambush focused.

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