Monday, August 20, 2012

The Noltax Incident - Crab I

This post gets a story rolling, I was playing with a format for story telling, please let me know what you think of it.  I will go back to the Army Lore series tomorrow, I was just really eager to see what you guys thought of this as a medium for a story since there are no visuals.  Unfortunately at points I had to do something aside from just audio, but I stayed true to it as much as possible.  I have more of this story written and planned out, but I would like your feedback first before the rest is released in a few days (once the Army Lore series is entirely posted).
+++ Vox Diary - Subject Crab - Part I Begins +++
Sounds of knocking and tapping, as on a microphone
"-ork right.  Crappy piece of junk from off market"
"Its on, stop hitting it like that!"
The knocking stops.  The first voice can be heard again.
"You're sure now?  I don't want to spend 20 minutes talking only to find out I have to do the whole thing over again"
"No, do that again.  It was terrific to watch and I'm bored"
The next voice is new, a high tenor giggling at the misfortune of the other
"I swear Wythling if I ever catch you I'll tear you apart limb from limb"
"Too bad you can't you giant Ork"
"Yes I'm absolutely sure its recording"
A third voice cuts in, the faintest of electronic feedback audible as the earlier voice spoke near to the vox.
The sound of handling can be heard as someone picks up the device and moves it around in their hands.  Cloth straps being clipped and rubbed together as they are tied up and strapped together can be heard, followed by a loud snap.  The third voice returns
"Its fastened to its mount now, it should capture everything that happens from this moment on"
"Why do I have to start with it?  Shouldn't you take it first Volt in case there is anything wrong with it?"
The first voice complains to its comrades, unhappy with its burden
"If Volt took it then we'd never see it because he'd keep fiddling with it until he broke it.  Where have you been the past two years Crab, he always breaks things with enough time"
Wythling effortlessly mocked both Volt and Crab in a voice mean and dripping with scorn
"I haven't broken everything!  That servitor worked just fine, and I seem to recall that all the vehicles are in working condition because of me"
"I'd be careful Wythling, if Volt gets mad at you, your equipment will never work again and your gun just might explode in your hands one day.  Maybe he and I will work together on that"
"Don't you have to do your thing Crab, talking your head off to that thing?"
Wythling's voice became more serious and less scorning.  But not much.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm getting to that"
Crab wasn't particularly excited by this notion
"So yeah, as Wythling was saying I have a few things that I need to say before we continue with this.  I had a larger spiel that I was going to give, but we are running out of time.  The boss says that we need to start documenting everything that happens to us because if we're to get anywhere in this place we need to learn from our past experiences.  As best as he can tell, this is done best by having some history to refer to, in this case our own actions recorded by vox.  Nominally I'm supposed to give you the history of everything that has led up to this moment, the preparations we've taken, that sort of thing but we've only got a minute left before we act.  Suffice it to say that negotiations with some local gangers haven't gone as planned and now we're here to talk with them.  We've intercepted several communicaes of this group's thanks to Volt and its clear that they are planning on ambushing us here.  So we've taken matters into our own hands and are prepared to take on a small army of the suckers.  Okay guys, positions!"
The rack of guns and loading of clips, movement of boots on pavement, crouching and resting weapons upon crates and concrete.
"Is everything arranged?"
A deep bass voice can be heard as a new individual begins speaking.  There was no sound revealing his approach.  Crab responded promptly.
"Yes sir, they are in their appointed positions with all the weapons and ammunition they could possibly need"
"I already know that, Crab.  What about the vox?"
Every word was clear and deliberate, thought out and menacing.  The voice exuded confidence, authority, and menace.  This was an individual not to be messed with.
"Well sir we got it working.  Spent 20 minutes talking to it while it was off, but that is fixed and I just recorded the reason for this.  I didn't have time to go into details on the preparations or things that led up to this, only the very basics.  Sorry sir, we thought it was working earlier.  It's certainly fixed now"
"If it isn't… well Volt knows what he's doing, doesn't he?"
The veiled threat was in a softer, quieter and kinder voice.  A slight vibrating sound is added to the vox as Crab shudders for a few moments
"Of course he does.  Volt would never let you down sir"
"Good.  I'll trust your word on that.  Now lets go meet our guests"
+++ Vox Diary - Subject Crab - Part I Ends +++

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